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Portfolio of Digital Creative

Since creating my first "homepage" over 15 years ago, my background and experience has been in new digital media. Living and working in Toronto, Ontario, I am a Creative Director at Twist Image.

An award-winning Creative with a broad skill-set - I have education and experience in everything from web design to databases, electronics to photography, video to print.

A small selection of my work is included in this portfolio. To see a larger and more current portfolio of digital creative, please

I am always looking for interesting opportunities. If you are looking someone with a deep understanding of digital marketing - check out my work, check out my experience, and .

Yahoo! Canada Answers digital creative



Kool-Aid launched a new website along with an engaging online game for kids. On Kool Planet, kids can enjoy a range of fun activities.view creative

Kool Planet is a social gaming environment created for kids. It involved a comprehensive review of brand, competition and creative. Reimagining Kool-Aid Man and the Kool-Aid brand in the space. Kids can play mini-games, build their own virtual playground, visit their friends playgrounds, challenge their friends to a dance-off, take quizzes, and get active with quests.

This website was launched as a gateway into the Kool Planet world. It also gives parents more information about product, contests, and Kool Planet.

CD: Carlos Garavito, Copywriter: Ian Murray,
Agency: Ogilvy Interactive

Winners Designer Event digital creative

Winners Designer Event


Twice a year labels like Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, etc. grace the Winners hangers. Engaging rich media banner ads promoted Winners' favourite event. view creative

These rich media banners put the user in the role of high fashion photographer. The user rolls-over the banner to initiate photo-mode, allowing them to take a closer look at their favourite items.

Creative Director: Jason Theodor, Copywriter: Lisa Charlebois,
Agency: Ogilvy Interactive

Yahoo! 7 Launch digital creative

Yahoo! Trade


Yahoo! Canada is a yearly sponsor of the Marketing Awards. For the 2007 Marketing Awards, Yahoo! wanted to stand out with this print ad and website. view creative

In this print ad, we gave out a bejeweled pimp cup wraps for Marketing Award winners to show off their skills on a daily basis.

Not having a budget for a web presence to deliver these cups, Flickr (Yahoo! photo-sharing website) was used. A Flickr group was created, the different "pimp cups" were uploaded, as well as some pictures of the cups in action.

The Yahoo! Canada Ad Solutions website is Yahoo!'s site for selling media planners, clients and publishers on using the Yahoo! Network. This website brings a touch of fun to what is usually a dry genre of website. Bright colours and playful visuals accent this easy-to-navigate website.

Creative Director: Jason Theodor, Copywriter: Lisa Charlebois (Ad Pimp), Jess Willis(Ad Solutions), Ian Murray,
Agency: Ogilvy Interactive

Olivieri digital creative



Olivieri makes fresh pasta and sauces. The concept and page designs were created for the relaunch of an expanded Olivieri website. view creative

These page mockups are a selection of many that were
created for Olivieri.

Creative Director: Jason Theodor, Copywriter: Caroline Kolch,
Agency: Ogilvy Interactive

%2a digital creative

Percent 2a


%2a was my thesis project for Ryerson's New Media BFA. This Web Application uses community input to tell the story of the first week of a social blog. view creative

This Web Application allows users to signup and play the story of the first week in this blog's life back in realtime. It is reliant on user input and editing to move the story forward. This Web Application was built in Coldfusion with a MySQL database. It was part of the "Fuse" 2006 New Media Festival.

Domtar digital creative



Domtar is the leading manufacturer of business papers. These webpage designs and style guide were created for a website relaunch. view creative

These page designs were based on an original concept. Also created a style guide for designers and developers working on the website.

Creative Director: Jason Theodor, Concept Art Direction: Duncan Porter,
Agency: Ogilvy Interactive

Yahoo! Canada Answers digital creative digital creative

Yahoo! Thumb Wrestling


Yahoo! Mail recently underwent a complete upgrade. Yahoo! used creative videos and an engaging website to acquire users to the new Yahoo! Mail. view creative

These videos were used as pre-roll ads and viral videos. Introducing the characters: "Yahoo! Mail Man" and "Sweat Mail" - Two thumb wrestlers set to go head-to-head.

This minisite was the landing point for all of the ads (banner ads, emails, videos, etc.) Visitors to the site can watch the thumb wrestling fight, create their own wrestler, read the official thumb wrestling guide, send a phone message, and read the Mail Man's blog.

This video was created for outdoor billboard use. It ran at Yonge And Dundas Square over the busy holiday shopping season.

CD: Jason Theodor, Copywriter: Lisa Charlebois,
Agency: Ogilvy Interactive

Yahoo! Canada Answers digital creative

Karma's Quest


Karma's Quest is an online multiplayer trivia game promoting Yahoo! Answers using its enormous database of questions and answers.view creative

This landing page had banners, viral videos and emails driving traffic towards it. It acted as an introduction and entry point into the game.

A conceptual idea, a gameplay outline and game graphics were created for this multiplayer game. The user climbs "Mt. Answers" by correctly answering a series of questions pulled from the Yahoo! Answers database. The first player to get 100 points and make it to the top is declared the winner and the next Yahoo! Guru.

Creative Director: Jason Theodor, Copywriter: Lisa Charlebois,
Developer: Alpha 51, Agency: Ogilvy Interactive

American Express Rogers Cup digital creative

American Express Tennis


Amex is the lead sponsor of the Rogers Cup. Amex created a minisite to promote their sponsorship and voken/banner ads to drive traffic to the website. view creative

This Flash Microsite and Voken Ad use the simplified images of a court and a ball to create an engaging experience for the user.

Creative Director: Jason Theodor,
Copywriter: Jess Willis, Paul Fung (Voken), Agency: Ogilvy Interactive

Canadian Springs digital creative

Canadian Springs


Canadian Springs is the nation's leading provider of fresh natural spring water. This original art concept was used to design the website. view creative

These mockups of the Canadian Springs homepage - the aim was to create a vast space, clean, cool. The product is featured prominently.

Creative Director: Jason Theodor, Copywriter: Caroline Kolch,
Other Art Direction: Casper Larski, Agency: Ogilvy Interactive

Yahoo! World Cup 2006 digital creative

Yahoo! World Cup


Yahoo! is an Official Partner of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Yahoo! used banner ads and a World Cup widget to promote their World Cup website. view creative

This expanding banner and desktop widget pull in live news and flickr photos from RSS feeds on the Yahoo! World Cup Website. Giving the user a taste of the Yahoo! World Cup action.

Creative Director: Jason Theodor, Copywriter: Marcus Stevenson,
Agency: Ogilvy Interactive

Yahoo! Canada News digital creative

Yahoo! Canada News


In 2006, Yahoo! Canada relaunched their News section - a section of the website that had been neglected for some time. 4 banner concepts were created. view creative

These banners were used to introduce the new Yahoo! CANADA News to Yahoo! News users who use the US News site.

Creative Director: Jason Theodor, Copywriter: Marcus Stevenson,
Agency: Ogilvy Interactive

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